September 21, 2009


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Compare car insurance quotes from South African insurance companies and insurance brokers.  Many people pay too much for their car insurance.  Our goal is to provide you with cheap car insurance quotations through comparative car insurance quotes available in South Africa.  Most people need car insurance, but over the years car insurance became very expensive in South Africa.  Compare quotes from insurance companies and select the one that best suite your needs and budget.

When purchasing a home or vehicle, you should consider car insurance, home insurance and life insurance from companies such as OUTsurance, Dial Direct and 1LifeDirect.

Bond Insurance provides a homeowner with the ability to maintain monthly home loan payments in the event of disability and illness.  The death benefit ensures that the loan is settled.

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Co Op Car Insurance

Co- Operative Car Insurance is launching a second wave of pay-as-you-drive schemes, offering the chance of cheaper premiums for all drivers who rarely travel in the rush hour or late at night. Co-operative Insurances new policy based on the technology, which it claims could reduce insurance costs for some drivers down to to 1p. The Co-op Car Insurance company says the average cost of cover for young drivers rose by almost 4 times that of inflation last year.“As long as young drivers are properly educated about the risks of the road and drive responsibly, there is no reason why they should be priced out of the market. Knowledge is a powerful tool to cut the number of young driver deaths on the road, which currently runs at a shocking 13 a week.”




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