August 20, 2009

Extreme Sports ! Sports News ! Health and Sport!

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Health And Sport!!

Health And Sport!!

Extreme Sports

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Personal Spec’s
Full Name: Daniel Godfrey Hugo
Nick Name: Dan
Home: The Bosch, South Africa
DOB: 01-07-1985
Place of birth: Worcester
Secondary School – Paul Roos Gymnasium
Tertiary Education – Studying a Bcomm at Stellenbosch University
Racing since 1996

Height: 181.5cm
Weight: 75-80kg
Pulse Range: 33 – 202
Strengths: A love and ability to push the hard yards
Weakness: Health, saying no, and the sweet tooth

Enjoying a fine wine at Wijnhuis
Kicking back for a thought provoking film
Procrastination, of all kinds
Other sports – Water ski, little tennis, and even less walking
Favourite Music – South African: Freshly Ground and The Parlitones. But like more music rather than less. Try not to limit genres

Father Stefan, mother Pamela, three gorgeous sisters, Helen, Nici, and Clare

I believe in God the Father, and salvation through his son Jesus Christ. Fellowship at Shofar Christian Churchin Stellenbosch

Carpe Diem. Seize the moment, seize the day. Live to the full, without regrets, and as colourfully as possible

People and travel, new sights, sounds, tastes
Favourite food – Sushi, quality pizza, and anything Ria cooks

Read – The Alchemist, Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Film – Gladiator, Whale Rider, Shaw Shank Redemption
Town – Queenstown NZ, Natures Valley
Ride – Hakerville
Possession – Photo Albums
Number – 15

Odd bits
I support making love, not war
I’m not an animal person, at all
I believe its wrong to do dishes after eating
Pink is my favourite colour

Born outisde Worcester, onto an old family farm, Osdrift, on the Breede River. Both parents made for a sporting family. Father having been a semi-professional paddler back in South Africa’s isolation years. Did everything a good lad does in the Platteland, from cricket, rugby, tennis, and hockey. But it was the solo endurance sports that grasped the attention. Paddling with my old man was simply more exciting than standing, wishing, waiting for a ball to come my way. And we did all the river marathons together in a double Stiletto.

Swam plenty, ran track and cross country through junior school, together with all the other school sports. A close friend then got me onto a bike and soon I was excited about racing my first triathlon at age 10. It was magic. Not long after my energy was channeled entirely this way.

I won my first national race at age twelve, doing a mere 400 swim, 10k ride, and 2.5k run – barefoot run at that. Paddled again for the first time in years at fifteen, to do the Berg River marathon, the race my father’s legend was built on after dominating it seven times. I had dreamt to paddle it some day, and was finally over the legal age limit.

Schooling was in Worcester, till end grade nine. After which I relocated to Stellenbosch, and Paul Roos Gymnasium, with the sporting environment as motif. Solo hours in the farmlands was hurting, and with the likes of Conrad Stoltz, Tim Don, Simon Lessing, Elana Meyer, to name but a few icons based in The Bosch at the time, it was the best move. Further, brilliant facilities and even better support was available in Stellenbosch. The best physio and masseuse reside there.

Went to junior worlds in Cancun, Mexico, in 2002. And for the first time could see where the level was truly at. Raced in Queenstown a year later, but bad risk management taught me a harsh lesson. I was frustrated at sport, the risk-return equation of it, and cancelled training in Sydney, to do manual labour in a vineyard on the South Island instead. It was the most amazing two months, and I left at peace.

Was blessed with the most incredible opportunity at The Roos, as Head Boy, which was simply a license to have the most amazing year, and live for a greater cause than myself. Meant less training and racing, and the chance to make a difference in lives around me.

I got to be a part of Megan Hall’s Olympic buildup, and that set me up for a good year in 2004. Junior Worlds in Madeira was hashed though. Raced for the Nestle Pure Life outfit locally thereafter, and for the first time, could make a bit of dow as opposed to spending it becasue of the sport. The highlight for the year being a podium spot alongside Conrad Stoltz and Lieuwe Boonstra at Xterra SA. Two athletes I really respect.

Went through a questioning time, and was unsure what I really wanted. Stopped the pursuit, stepped back, and just cruised. But playing around made for some paddling again. It was something different, fresh and exciting. New faces, new racing and training environment. Different dynamics. The climax was meant to be the Dusi with Jacques Theron, but contracted jaundice from the valley, and the chase ended prematurely.

Studies at Stellenbosch University for three years, attempting a Bcomm Investment Management, has been a privilege, but an uphill one at that. Still have some modules to finish up, but unsure when. I got to within a month and a half o completing my degree, but life offered me an opportunity and I decided to grab it with both hands.

The cocktail of sports through youth have made Multisport racing an great opportunity. And would like to keep the possibilities open alongside my Xterra ideals over the next year. Locally so much is being birthed on the multisport front, and its timely being a part of it. The companies supporting me are local as well, and need to balance local ambition with international desire.

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